When your power goes out, be ready with an Automatic Standby Generator

Nova Scotia weather is certainly unpredictable and power interruptions are a way of life. Not only is it annoying to lose power, but the possibility of frozen pipes, flooding due to an inoperable sump pump, spoiled food in fridges or freezers can cause unforeseen issues and expenses.

That’s why many households in Nova Scotia rely on a generator as a back-up. But what if the power failure happens during the night or when the homeowner is away from the home? Often the damage is done long before a generator is started. Benoit Electric now offers the Generac line Automatic Standby Generators for true worry-free operation.

A Generac Automatic Standby Generator is wired directly into your electrical service panel. It senses a power outage and seamlessly restores power to your system within 30 seconds. No fuss, no fumbling for a flashlight, no having to prime or start a generator – it’s all automatic and ready to go when needed.

A properly sized and installed automatic standby generator ensures your heating, lighting, cooling and refrigeration systems continue to operate smoothly during any power outages. No more risk of frozen pipes. No more spoiled food in the fridge or freezer. No more cold showers. And the system senses when power returns and automatically shuts off and monitors both itself and your system until it’s needed again.

Generac’s prime focus is power generators. They’ve been in the industry for over fifty years and are today’s leader — preferred five to one over the closest competition.

Due to the broadest product line in the industry, Generac ensures the best possible backup power system for every homeowner with their true whole-house protection. Generac’s durable construction is ideal for Nova Scotia’s harsh weather. Patented Galvanneal steel enclosures with RhinoCoat provide substantial protection from the elements. For additional protection the all-weather aluminum enclosure’s corrosion resistance prolongs the life of your generator.

How a home back up generator works

The generator hooks directly to your electrical box. It monitors the power coming into your box, instantly detects if a power outage occurs and starts supplying power within 30 seconds, regardless of the weather conditions. The system continuously monitors the power and shuts off as soon as power is restored to your home.

The unit runs regularly scheduled diagnostics on itself to ensure it will be running in optimal condition when the need arises.

Regular maintenance is essential to the life of your generator. Benoit Electric is committed to providing customers with unsurpassed product support. Contact us with any product maintenance, repair, or warranty questions you may have. We are factory trained and certified to work on Generac products.

To see a Generac Automatic Standby generator in action visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47sNyxKOtxc

How much will installation cost?
Every home is different, and so is every installation. The placement of the generator, the amount of materials required, and the installation of the natural gas or LP fuel source all make estimating installation costs a challenge and can vary depending upon your specific situation. The best way to know for sure is to contact us to arrange a free on-site visit. We will listen to your needs, assess your home, and give you a detailed quote. All at no charge, with no obligation, and no pressure.

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