Residential Services

Consider us your Electrical Specialist, by having a dedicated and reliable Electrical Partner, you won’t waste time and productivity wondering who you’re going to call when the need arises. We offer our clients the benefit of “being there for them” for ALL their electrical requirements.

Below is a list of some of the many residential services we provide. Click on the items for more information on the service. If you don't see a service you need listed, feel free to give us a call and enquire about your specific need. You can click on the highlighted words or phrases for a helpful description.

Service Calls

We provide ALL aspects of in-home service. It could be something as small as changing some outlets and fixtures, installing or replacing a GFI to more complicated repairs such as replacing faulty wiring.

On-board tracking installed in all our vehicles allows us to know exactly where each member of our team is – meaning we can often have a technician respond to your request on the same day you call. Our professional, knowledgeable, and friendly uniformed staff operate fully-stocked service vans so we're able to quickly and efficiently handle your needs.


Some common signs that your home could benefit from problems are the presence of knob and tube wiring, aluminum wiring or the existence of a non-grounded system. If you are unsure about the condition or code-worthiness of your present electrical system give us a call, we can come and assess whether an issue exists and recommend what needs to be done.

Rewiring of your home is recommended if your present wiring does not meet todays electrical code regulations. This is particularly important when buying or selling a home or when dealing with the requirements of your insurance company.

Often repairs are less expensive than you might think.

Service Upgrades

Service upgrades are required when your wiring does not meet todays electrical code regulations or when the amperage of your home needs to be increased to handle the load, or demand, of the appliances. If you experience frequent blown fuses or tripped circuit breakers then it's likely you would benefit from a service upgrade.

Today's higher demand electronics and electrical appliances put an increased demand on older electrical systems that they just weren't designed to handle. A common reason for this is the installation of a heat pump, heated pools or spa tubs. Residential amperage levels are currently 100 and 200. Some older homes may still operate on a 60 amp service which does not meet Code Regulations. This is not only a safety issue, but in the case of 60 amp service, is often required by insurance companies prior to qualifying for insurance.

If you are unsure about your current service or whether you need an upgrade, give us a call. We'll perform a demand load analysis, provide a recommendation and costs on available options if necessary.

Installation and safety standards created and enforced by Nova Scotia Power Inc. under the guidelines of the Canadian Electrical Code. Nova Scotia Power bulletin B-02-022 outlines the minimum requirements for a service upgrade. You can check out the link below.

Code Violation Upgrades

Ensuring that your home adhere's to the province's electrical codes gives you the peace of mind that your system is providing the utmost in safety for you and your family.

Often associated with a home purchase inspection or when changing insurance coverage, a code violation inspection can identify issues with current electrical systems. We can analyze your present electrical system to determine if it adheres to today's code regulations and prepare a report and pricing for any necessary fixes.

Installation and safety standards created and enforced by Nova Scotia Power Inc. under the guidelines of the Canadian Electrical Code. Nova Scotia Power bulletin B-02-022 outlines the minimum requirements for a service upgrade. You can check out the link below.

Aluminum upgrades

During the 1960's and into the 70's some homes were wired with aluminum wiring. Unfortunately it was later discovered that the connections to copper-based electrical outlets and switches and the aluminum wiring were prone to corrosion. Current electrical codes require special connections, or pigtail's, be installed at all aluminum to copper connections. Alternately we can replace the outlets or the wiring to eliminate the risk and hazards associated with corrosion.

If you suspect you may have aluminum wiring, give us a call. We'll come in and analyze your present system, determine if any fixes are required and recommend the best course of action.

Insurance Required Upgrades

Sometimes your home insurance provider may require that you complete upgrades to your wiring or amperage to keep your current homeowners policy in effect. Often these requests are made when changing policies or insurance providers, or are identified during a home inspections when selling or purchasing a home.

The most common area's of concern are the presence of aluminum wiring, knob and tube wiring or inadequate amperage service for the demand of the residence.


We can complete a wide range of electrical renovation projects around your home – both inside and out. Renovations can greatly increase the enjoyment and some times even the value of your property. The most popular renovations include kitchen and bath renovations—each with very specific electrical needs which we can help ensure meet your present and future needs.

When undertaking any renovation, small or large, it's the perfect time to address any electrical needs. It can be far cheaper and less invasive to move, add or update fixtures, outlets or controls while walls are open than it is after the job is completed.

If you're planning any renovation work, give us a call and we can provide advice and a quote on any electrical needs you might have before the works gets underway.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting is becoming more and more popular due to the combination of the pleasing visual effect on the grounds surrounding your home and the safety benefits. Not only is it easier for family and visitors to navigate at night with walkways illuminated but intruders are deterred by the lighting. By highlighting your garden, trees, shrubbery and ground cover, it extends the beauty of nature into the nighttime and enhances your environment and property.

Proper landscape lighting system installation often requires specific needs such as: buried cables; exterior GFI outlets; low voltage systems; programmable timer and day/night sensors. Benoit Electrical has extensive experience in planning and installing landscape lighting systems and can work with you to provide the best and most efficient system for your needs.

Radiant Floor Heating

A radiant floor heating system radiates heat upward from wires below the floor to provide optimum comfort and many other benefits. Here is an overview to how it works: A special heating wire is embedded in the floor slab, ultimately turning the floor into an efficient, low temperature radiator. The number one benefit of a radiant floor heating system is comfort. Whereas a forced air system delivers heat which quickly rises to the ceiling – a radiant floor heating system "radiates" heat from the floor and delivers the heat evenly throughout the rooms.

Here are some of the other benefits:

• Silent operation
• Inconspicuousness of the system—you don't see vents or hear air blowing.
• Energy savings—radiant floor heating system can allow the thermostat to be set 2-4° less than in a forced air heating system. Depending on the total efficiency of your home, energy costs can be reduced as much as 40%.
• A healthier home—forced air systems can spread dust, pollen, and germs, radiant systems don't blow air so reduce the circulation of dust and contaminants.
• No mechanical room is required.

Heating your home or out-building with infloor Radiant Heat potentially qualifies you for "Time of Day" Savings, Electrical "Time of Day" Savings

Electric Thermal Storage (ETS)

Electrical Thermal Storage (ETS) heating systems are designed to use low cost, off-peak electricity for home heating 24 hours a day. Electric heating elements lie within high-density ceramic bricks capable of storing vast amounts of heat for extended periods of time. During off-peak hours, when electricity costs are lower, the heater will store electric energy as heat.

This stored heat is used to satisfy immediate heating requirements and to provide total comfort during peak hours, when a power company’s demand for electricity and associated costs are high. Power company’s generally offer substantial discounts for electricity used during the off-peak hours. With this rate discount, consumers can realize significant savings in their energy bills when compared to alternative heating options.

For more information, please view our quality partners.

Advantages of Off-Peak Heating

• A low cost heating option
• Electric is the safest form of heating
• No need to worry about filling an oil tank
• No worries about carbon monoxide fumes
• No routine maintenance
• Electric heating systems are very reliable
• No hassles or messes
• No chimney

Pool & Spa Lighting & Heating

The heating of your pool, installation of spa or hot tub and lighting the areas around them is a necessary part of creating the "Backyard Oasis" of your dreams. The professional staff at Benoit Electric is trained to ensure that any exterior or pool/sauna electrical installations adhere to the latest electrical codes.

By providing the appropriate systems we help enhance your home or retreat as a place for families and friends to gather and celebrate, or simply relax and rejuvenate while ensuring their utmost safety.

Home Audio

Whether it's a whole-home multi-source audio, surround-sound, or outdoor speaker system, they all add a level of convenience to your home. Each has it's own unique power needs and requirements—but you can be sure the knowledgeable team at Benoit Electrical has the skill to both recommend and install the appropriate components.

We can source the best equipment and solutions for your entertainment needs. 

 Visit for more information.

Knob and Tube Wiring Assessment

Knob and tube wiring (sometimes abbreviated as K&T) was an early standardized method of electrical wiring in buildings commonly used in North America from about 1880 until the1930s.

For safety and liability reasons, most insurance companies and many mortgage firms will require that any charged knob and tube wiring be replaced when purchasing, refinancing or remortgaging your home.

Knob and tube installations consisted of a single insulated copper conductors run within wall or ceiling cavities, passing through joists and studs via protective porcelain insulating tubes, and supported along their length on nailed-down porcelain knob insulators. Where conductors entered a wiring device such as a lamp or switch, they were protected by flexible cloth insulating sleeves. The first insulation was asphalt-saturated cotton cloth, then rubber became common.

Wire splices in such installations were twisted for good mechanical strength, then soldered and wrapped with friction tape (asphalt saturated cloth), or made inside metal junction boxes.

Knob and tube wiring was displaced from interior wiring systems because of the high cost of installation compared with the use of newer power cables that combined both power conductors of a circuit in one run (and which later included grounding conductors).

If you suspect you have knob and tube wiring in your home, we can complete a Knob and Tube Assessment. Our assessment includes a thorough examination — we remove electrical outlets (not just faceplates), switches and fixtures at various locations throughout your home — if you have knob and tube, we will find it.

Benoit Electric has been identifying, deactivating and upgrading knob and tube wiring since we started in 1999.

Due to the labour involved in our detailed examination, the fee for the assessment is $150 + HST. Our assessment includes a detailed assessment listing all of locations knob and tube was found in your home and an estimate of the cost to de-energize the knob and tube and rewire with grounded wiring.

Avoid costly snow and ice roof damage

Snow and ice build-up on your roof, or in your gutters and downspouts, can cause damming of the water that should run off your roof and away from your house. This damming causes leaks and water damage leading to costly repairs. The professionals at Benoit Electric can prevent the problems by installing de-icing systems to protect your roof, gutters and downspouts. With our remote snow sensor, we ensure all weather conditions are monitored and that the system only operates when needed. Call us today for a free estimate and find out how we can save you money and potential costly repairs.

Peace of mind inspections

Are you considering purchasing a new home? Are you selling your home? Or perhaps you are concerned with the state of the electrical system in your current home. Leave the inspections to the professionals. We are trained in recognizing hazards that are not obviously visible to others. Our guidelines are based on the Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) and we ensure that all issues are corrected based on the most recent version of the CEC book.

Benoit Electric can complete an inspection of the electrical system in your home where we will remove all devices and fixtures, inspect any visible wiring and thoroughly inspect your electrical service and panel. You will be provided with a detailed report, and if required, we can offer estimates to upgrade any issues we encounter.

Emergency Service Repairs

Have you had damage to your electrical service? Benoit Electrical is trained and available to complete your repair quickly and efficiently.

Our staff is well trained with completing all emergency repairs and we keep a fully stocked warehouse so the material we need is available at all times. We are in regular communication with Nova Scotia Power so we can prioritize your emergency service repair to have your power back on as quickly as possible.

If you have concerns that your electrical service is in poor or hazardous condition, let us have a look and provide you with a free estimate to repair it and avoid emergency power outages.

When your power goes out, be ready with an Automatic Standby Generator

generacWhen your power goes out, be ready with an Automatic Standby Generator

Nova Scotia weather is certainly unpredictable and power interruptions are a way of life. Not only is it annoying to lose power, but the possibility of frozen pipes, flooding due to an inoperable sump pump, spoiled food in fridges or freezers can cause unforeseen issues and expenses.

That’s why many households in Nova Scotia rely on a generator as a back-up. But what if the power failure happens during the night or when the homeowner is away from the home? Often the damage is done long before a generator is started. Benoit Electric now offers the Generac line Automatic Standby Generators for true worry-free operation.

A Generac Automatic Standby Generator is wired directly into your electrical service panel. It senses a power outage and seamlessly restores power to your system within 30 seconds. No fuss, no fumbling for a flashlight, no having to prime or start a generator – it’s all automatic and ready to go when needed.

A properly sized and installed automatic standby generator ensures your heating, lighting, cooling and refrigeration systems continue to operate smoothly during any power outages. No more risk of frozen pipes. No more spoiled food in the fridge or freezer. No more cold showers. And the system senses when power returns and automatically shuts off and monitors both itself and your system until it’s needed again.

Generac’s prime focus is power generators. They’ve been in the industry for over fifty years and are today’s leader — preferred five to one over the closest competition.

Due to the broadest product line in the industry, Generac ensures the best possible backup power system for every homeowner with their true whole-house protection. Generac’s durable construction is ideal for Nova Scotia’s harsh weather. Patented Galvanneal steel enclosures with RhinoCoat provide substantial protection from the elements. For additional protection the all-weather aluminum enclosure’s corrosion resistance prolongs the life of your generator.

How a home back up generator works

The generator hooks directly to your electrical box. It monitors the power coming into your box, instantly detects if a power outage occurs and starts supplying power within 30 seconds, regardless of the weather conditions. The system continuously monitors the power and shuts off as soon as power is restored to your home.

The unit runs regularly scheduled diagnostics on itself to ensure it will be running in optimal condition when the need arises.

Regular maintenance is essential to the life of your generator. Benoit Electric is committed to providing customers with unsurpassed product support. Contact us with any product maintenance, repair, or warranty questions you may have. We are factory trained and certified to work on Generac products.

To see a Generac Automatic Standby generator in action visit:

How much will installation cost?
Every home is different, and so is every installation. The placement of the generator, the amount of materials required, and the installation of the natural gas or LP fuel source all make estimating installation costs a challenge and can vary depending upon your specific situation. The best way to know for sure is to contact us to arrange a free on-site visit. We will listen to your needs, assess your home, and give you a detailed quote. All at no charge, with no obligation, and no pressure.

For more information about Generac generators, contact Benoit Electric today.

Asbestos Abatement

asbestosDuring even routine electrical work it’s possible to uncover material suspected of containing asbestos. 
You can now rely on the trained and certified professionals of Benoit Electric to protect your home and family from the hazards of asbestos fibre while they perform electrical work, without the addded expense and delays involved in traditial asbestos abatement processes.
What is asbestos?
Asbestos is the common name for a group of minerals commonly used in construction as a strengthening agent, insulator or as a fire retardant until the 1990’s. Left undisturbed, sealed behind walls or within products, asbestos does not pose a significant health risk. However, if the fibres are disturbed and released into the air, through cutting, sanding, deterioration or demolition, those air-borne asbestos fibres can be inhaled, potentially causing serious lung aliments including mesothelioma, asbestosis and cancer.
Before having any work done in your home ensure that any asbestos containing materials will not be disturbed. 
What are the risks?
Airborne asbestos fibres are microscopic and virtually undetectable. Even minor, exploratory electrical or renovation work on your home could expose workers, you or your family to airborne asbestos fibres. 
What can be done?
If the presence of asbestos is suspected, a sample needs to analyzed to confirm its presence. If the test confirms asbestos is present, and it could be disturbed by the work being performed, it is necessary to have it removed by a qualified remediation team.
Historically, when the presence of asbestos was suspected a test sample of the material was sent to a laboratory for verification. If asbestos was confirmed, all work at the location would stop until a qualified remediation contractor safely removed the material, disposed of it and performed another test confirming the area was now free of asbestos. This would often substantially increase costs and increase the shedule of the work being perfomed.  
A new, safe option from Benoit Electric.
The professionals from Benoit Electric are now trained to identify and test for the presense of asbestos and are qualified and certified in performing electrical work on-site using materials and processes to eliminate any airborne asbestos fibres.
Homeowners no longer have to contact, book and deal with another contractor prior to having electrical work performed — the professionals at Benoit Electric can handle the whole process from analysis, and remediation while performing their electrical work.  
How does it work?
If the peresence of asbestos is suspected, the professionals at Benoit Electric perform an on-site test. If they find asbestos fibre they have specially designed containment systems that they attach to the area needing work. Once sealed to the area, the containment bag allows the electrician to continue his work while isolating himself and your home from any asbstos fibres while completing their work.

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters

An Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI) is a type of circuit breaker that breaks the circuit when it detects a dangerous electrical arc, in order to prevent electrical fires. An AFCI distinguishes between a harmless arc that may occur incidental to normal operation of switches, plugs and brushed motors and an undesirable arc that can occur, for example, in a lamp cord that has a broken conductor in the cord.

AFCI breakers have been required for circuits feeding electrical outlets in bedrooms of homes by the Canadian Electrical Code since 2002.

Conventional circuit breakers only respond to overloads and short circuits so they do not protect against arcing conditions that produce erratic, and often reduced current. An AFCI is selective so that normal arcs do not cause it to trip. The AFCI circuitry continuously monitors the current and discriminates between normal and unwanted arcing conditions. Once an unwanted arcing condition is detected, the AFCI opens its internal contacts, thus de-energizing the circuit and reducing the potential for a fire to occur.

AFCI protection devices come with a test button on them. These should be tested once a month to ensure they are providing the proper protection to your homes electrical system.

In May of 2015, Canadian Electrical Code changed the rule pertaining to AFCI’s. It now requires all outlets in houses to be on have AFCI protection with a few exceptions.

If you would like more information, contact Benoit Electric and we would be happy to answer any questions you have.



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